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  • How we’re creating a Latino underclass — with options for immigration reform

    on Sep 3, 07 • in Domestic Policy, Featured, Social Policy • with Comments Off

    How we’re creating a Latino underclass — with options for immigration reform

    IMAGINE we wanted to create a huge Latino underclass in this country. We would induce more than 500,000 illegal immigrants to enter annually. We would see Latinos account for half of America’s population growth. We would turn a hardened eye toward all 44 million Latinos, because 12 million jumped our borders to meet our labor demand. We would financially motivate but morally deplore illegal immigrants’ determination to break our laws and risk their lives to work for us. We would let nativist, xenophobic amnesiacs pillory the roughly 25 percent of Latinos who were here illegally,

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  • Gambling revenue, and the States’ addiction to it

    on May 2, 07 • in Domestic Policy, Social Policy • with Comments Off

    Some scandals don’t involve illegal activity – they’re just outrageous and unjust. Take gambling in America. Abetted by Congress, legislatures from 48 states now sponsor gambling operations and lottery monopolies to balance their budgets on the backs of their poorest and most vulnerable citizens – while basking in the virtue of fighting tax increases. Three decades ago, there were no casinos outside Nevada, and only 13 states ran lotteries. Today 19 states support commercial gambling in densely populated markets near interstates, 28 states host Indian casinos, 41 run lotteries, and 43 allow track-side betting. Even

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